English Language Proficiency Course

02 April 2022
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English Language Proficiency Course
 The English Language Center at the University of Technology announces the start of registration for the electronic English language proficiency course (twenty-nine), which will start on Sunday 3/4/2022 until 7/4/2022, and Thursday 7/4
/2022 will be the day of the final exam for the course.
 To register for the above course, please open the electronic form through the following link:
 Fill out the registration form and complete all the fields of the form, then press send or
 ( gmail ) and you will receive the access code for the class on your email
 The one you registered with, please keep the electronic class code for the purpose of joining the class later.
 If you do not receive the course code, please message the center’s Facebook page for assistance.
 For more inquiries, join the English Language Center's telegram link
 Note: The fees for participating in the course are collected by cutting a receipt before the registration process in the course
 The form by reviewing the English Language Center located at the University of Technology.
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