English language proficiency test the first session

24 June 2020
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English language proficiency test
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 The electronic English proficiency test for the first session will be next Sunday, corresponding to 28/6/2020, four o'clock in the afternoon, using the program (classroom & google meet).  Note: Students who have not examined from previous courses, please send their names to add them to the current exam.
 Frequently Asked Questions
 * How to enter the exam ??
 At 3:30 pm, you will post a link on the classroom program. You will be directed to google meet and be on hold until the questions arrive at the fourth hour.
 * What do I need for the exam ??
 You need to install google meet.
 * Do we need to open the camera ??
 * How long is the exam time ??
 An hour and a half
 * When do I pay the amount of the course and exam ??
 Upon receiving the certificate