Teaching Proficiency Course

08 October 2020
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Teaching Proficiency Course


English language center at university of technology announces holding an electronic course for teaching proficiency in English for higher degrees graduates through Classroom platforms starts on Sunday 10.10.2020 and ends with a presentation by the trainee at the center's halls.

The course aims at developing the capabilities and skills of the trainees in teaching methods and classroom management and to provide lectures in English professionally, which would raise the educational level of the trainees and raise the standards and skills of successful teaching.

For those who like to participate, you can fill the form bellow to register and an e-mail will be send on Saturday 9.10.2020 includes the steps to enroll the electronic class.

Noting that the course fee is 50000 ID per participant pay cash in the center.

Registration link: https://forms.gle/XdAF7CSCkqp1kSor9


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