English Language Center Complete Efficiency Course

22 May 2021
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English Language Center Complete  Efficiency Course
English language center at University of Technology completed its 18th English Language efficiency course, for those who are applying for high studies, which was held from May,2,2021  till May,6,2021 with the participation of a number of trainees from governmental and private sector.
‎‏The course aimed at introducing the trainees to the basics of English language and making a review to most important subjects needed in the exam through sonic and video recordings, answering the questions of the trainees by the instructors through the electronic class, also quizzes to train them on the exam. The course ended up with a final electronic exam through the meet program.
Dr.Hussam Hussein, director of the center, mentioned that the registration was electronically by a special form to avoid visiting the center and ban gathering according to instructions of the high committee for health and national safety.
Dr. Hussam added that the total number of the electronic courses held by the center till now is about 20 course with the participation of more than 770 trainees from government and private sectors.



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