English language Center announces TOEFL-ITP Test

03 November 2021
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English language Center announces TOEFL-ITP Test


English language center at university of technology which is approved by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in cooperation with BNR & ETS Companies, located in Amman, who is responsible for providing the Test announces holding a TOEFL-ITP Test on Thur.25o of Nov.2021.

For those who like to take part in the exam, you can visit our center at the university to pay the fees of the exam which about 150,000 IDs and fill the exam form on this link below:


Our visitors must: -

  • Bring a photo.
  • Colored copy of passport.
  • Bring the original passport at exam day.
  • Pay the exam fees (150,000 IDs) a week before the exam date.
  • Anyone can reserve for the person who like to have the exam providing that he/she knows all personal information about the examiner such as name, Gmail, cell number.
  • This exam is for any person at any age.

There will be a detailed explanation and information sheet about the exam and how to answer at the exam day.

Other information about the exam:

The exam is divided into three sections:

  • Listening skills (3 parts about 35 minutes, short conversation, four-line conversation and long talks or academic lectures).
  • Structure skills (2 parts about 25 minutes, incomplete sentences and underlined sentences).
  • Reading skills (5 passages about 50 minutes, each passage has 10 questions).
  • You can review Baron's book to get more practice.



The exam will be held at the English language laboratory at 8:30 for about 3 hours.

Please, keep to the instructions above and the health rules according to the instructions of ministries of Health and Higher Education.


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