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 An electronic lecture tagged Material Choice and Evaluation in Second Language Teaching in cooperation with Cardiff English Language Academy in the United Kingdom

 English Language Center at the University of Technology is pleased to invite you to attend the electronic lecture entitled: (Material Choice and Evaluation in Second Language Teaching) in cooperation with Cardiff English Language Academy in the United Kingdom

Officially accredited by the British Council.

It was received by Professor Dina Tobin, director of the above center, on Thursday, 07/01/2021, at seven o'clock in the evening,
through the zoom platform.

The lecture is aimed at teachers of English as a second language for all levels.

Attendees will be awarded a certificate of participation by Cardiff Academy. To participate, you can access the lecture through the link below:

Or by entering the code: ID: 926 8956 1535 Passcode: 128289
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An electronic course for students of the completed stage at the University of Technology in English to prepare for the labor market (Business English Skills course)
 Under the patronage of the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghabban, and under the direct supervision of the Assistant Professor for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Haider Abed Dahd, the English Language Center at the University of Technology is holding an electronic course in English to prepare the students of the completed stage for the labor market (Business English Skills course)
Which will be held for the period from Tuesday 29/6/2021 until Friday, 2/7/2021
 Four days a day, for an hour, from four o'clock until five o'clock in the evening
 If you wish to sign up, please use the link below through the official university email
 Note: that the number is limited and does not exceed 490 participants.  The Zoom platform will be adopted to deliver interactive lectures, and participants will be provided with a certificate of participation for those who attend the course and meet their requirements.
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Results of Electronic English Language Teaching Competence Course
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English language Center Ends Training Course 
English language Center at University of Technology ended on Thurs.June,17,2021 Teaching Proficiency Course in English for postgraduates which was held electronically through Google Classroom, presented by Lect.Dr.Hussam Hussain, Lect. Yassein Mashhot and Lect.Yaghdan Ridha. The course ends up with a presentation by the trainee at the center’s class.
The course aimed at developing the trainees’ skills in teaching methods, classroom management and presenting lectures in English professionally which may raise the educational level for trainees and the standards of successful teaching.
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University of Moulay Ismail Grant Attendance Certificate
University of Moulay Ismail in cooperation with Higher School of Technology located in Morocco grant certificate of attendance to ( Raheem ,l.yagdhn redha,senior translator/ Wassan Yousif , Deputy chief translator/Rana AbdulKareem, senior translator/ALiaa Ahmed) for attending the webinar "Modern Linguistics" presented by Philosopher, Political Activist and the Father of Modern Linguistics Dr.Naom Chomsky and the Linguist Dr.Stephen Krashen on Monday, June,7,2021.
 Topics as modern linguistics, modern teaching techniques, learning theories and language acquisitions were discussed during the webinar.
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