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Tribute to the soul of the last  Professor Yassin Mashhout Taher

We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return

With great sadness, pain and shock, we bid farewell to our dear brother and colleague, Professor Yassin Mashhout Taher, the teacher at the English Language Center at the University of Technology, who
left us this morning and shocked all his fans, friends, student and relatives.

Goodbye  friend of laughter and constant humor, your smile will never leave us....

We ask God to pray for him and forgive him and to dwell in his vast gardens and inspire his family and relatives patience and solace.

Al-Fatihah for his pure soul 

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Announcement: English Language Center holds Language of Symposiums and Conferences Course


         English Language Center at the University of Technology holds a course in (Language of Symposiums and Conferences) in this course the participants will train on the language of communication used in Symposiums and Conferences to communicate with the surrounding environment in such places as well as how to speak with confidence and not to be confused in interviews and formal and informal meetings.  

The course starts on Jul. /25th   till Aug. / 5th /2021.

 Note The course fees is (150,000) one hundred Fifty thousand Iraqi dinars only.
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English Language Center holds an electronic teaching Competence course 

The English Language Center at the University of Technology announces of  holding an electronic teaching competence course in English for graduate degree holders through a platform

Google Classroom

The course starts on Sunday, 1-8-2021 until Thursday, 5-8-2021. Those wishing to participate should apply through the link below.

Note that the course fees are 50,000, fifty thousand dinars per participant, to be paid in cash in the center's financial unit

To fill out the registration form, complete all the fields of the form, then press send

Gmail.. and you will receive the access code for the class on your email

The one you registered with, please keep the electronic class code for the purpose of joining the class later. If you do not receive the course code, please message the center's Facebook page for assistance.

Note: The fees for participation in the course are collected by making a receipt before the start of the course by visiting the English Language Center located at the University of Technology.
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English language Center Ends Training Course 
English language Center at University of Technology ended on Friday July,2,2021 a training course for final classes’ students continued for four days to prepare  the students for the labour markets.
The course was presented by the director of the Center Lect.Dr.Hussam Hussein and Lect.Yaghdan Ridtha.
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President of University of Technology Honord ELC Manager 
Prof.Dr.Ahmed AL-Gabban, persistent of University of Technology honored the manager of English language Center Lec.Dr.Hussam Hussein  a thanks and appreciation certificate for his distinguished efforts in publishing a number of scientific researches in sober sites within Scopus which contributed in the progress of the university in Times Ranking..
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